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Volume 90, Issue 85

Thursday, March 06, 1997



Barney Rubble rocks

By Nick Lewis
Gazette Staff

It was an unfriendly rim for the Lancers Tuesday when the Mustangs hosted Windsor in the OUAA divisional quarter-finals.

Shooting 26 per cent in the first half and 33 for the game, the 5-9 Lancers saw their shots rattle, roll and rocket off the iron hoop, with only 23 of their 69 balls ever seeing the bottom of the rim.

Meanwhile, Western used patience on offence and with some great ball movement, managed to find the back door early and often, shooting an impressive 55 per cent from the field for the game.

It wasn't a game for the ages but Craig Boydell's crew managed to get the job done.

"[Windsor] is a team that we've seen enough before and we knew that they could come in and beat us at home," he said. "We knew we'd get a run tonight and we did.

"We established an inside game from the start with Nigel Rawlins and Chris Webber and they made their presence felt."

"What can you say about Webber, he did it all tonight," Windsor head coach Mike Havey said. "Full credit to Western, they had their intensity up a few notches tonight and that got to us."

Webber managed a game high 21 points and was later given word of his OUAA first team all-star placement – two achievements he was proud of.

"This was pretty much the result I thought it would be," he said. "I thought about this game a lot more than I've thought about a lot of games coming in. It meant a lot to me thinking about some guys whose careers could be ending if we lost.

"I told the guys in the beginning that I was going to take off for the first while and not try to take a bunch of shots to get us kick-started like I usually do. Instead, we were really relaxed and everyone came up big, which paid off for the team."

"This was a bit of an emotional game because this was the last home game for about four or five guys, myself included, so we wanted to go out with a bang," Rawlins said.

Brendan Noonan had an impressive game on the floor, though it may not have shown on the stats. The fifth-year veteran managed to control the pace of the game to a level where the Mustangs frustrated their opponents all the way to the hoop.

"Brendan is such a little ball-hog," Webber said. "You'd never think that a 26-year-old short, tubby little guy looking like Barney Rubble could come in here and be picking off balls from these kids."

The team now travels to Toronto to play the Gryphons in the divisional semifinal, a tough task considering Western has lost all three season games against them.

"Guelph is obviously going to be a war for us," Boydell said. "They've had their way with us so far this season but all have been games that could have gone either way. We know what they can do, they know what we can do, so it's going to be a good game."

Webber put it more eloquently.

"They've pissed us off all season long so we got a lot of ass to kick down there."

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OFF J.W.'S FACE, THROUGH THE CHEERLEADING PYRAMID, OFF THE BOARDS, NOTHING BUT NET. Mustang Chris Webber takes a shot over a Lancer Tuesday.

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