Volume 90, Issue 86

Friday, March 07, 1997



EDITORIAL: Capitalizing on cloning

The announcement that a couple (coincidence?) of Scottish scientists have cloned a sheep has sparked widespread debate around the world about the social and ethical ramifications of such an action.

While some people have embraced the new scientific development whole-heartedly others are abhorred by the potential uses of this new technology.

We at The Gazette feel that while human cloning may be an ethical no-no, there are certain things on campus, be they animal, vegetable or mineral, which could benefit the community as a whole.

CentreSpot meals – As it is now, these meals are pretty pricey, but think of the advantages of cloning your meal! Instead of a slice of pizza for roughly the cost of your mortgage, you can double your purchase and satiate that post-slack week appetite.

Government funds – Everyone complains about how the education system needs more money. Well, here's an easy way to do it. Just make sure the treasury department doesn't find out.

Parking spots – Those of you unfortunate enough to risk your life amongst the auto vultures in the Springett green lot know that cloning a parking space here and there isn't that bad of an idea.

Various politico's on campus – Think of it. Cloned administrators, cloned University Students' Council types, all sorts of cloned politico's spouting off the same rhetoric day in and day out... Oh wait, that may already have been done.

Virtual protestors – While not a bad showing so far, imagine virtually cloning a tonne of virtual protestors. However, if Dr. Davenport has access to the same technology he may be able to virtually clone any virtual ignoring he may do.

Western sports fans – We can't fill the seats as is, so maybe adding some virtual fans would help out. Considering the intelligence of some of the fans out there scientists wouldn't have to waste time cloning any grey matter – if you catch our drift.

So there you have it Western. (And notice we didn't even mention cloning Jeeps anywhere) It's time to embrace technology and put it to the common good.

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