Volume 90, Issue 87

Tuesday, March 11, 1997



Retail Biz Club fully to blame

Re: Retail Biz Club messes up Fine Arts Festival venue, Mar. 5

To the Editor:

I wanted to clear up a misunderstanding and explain that the cancellation of the Coffee House was the sole responsibility of the Western Retail Business Club.

I want to sympathize as I feel badly the performers were upset because the event was cancelled. There was one big problem with that night – it wasn't organized with the Fine Arts Festival, but through the USC. Yes, it was during fine arts week and it did have our name on it, but it was not organized by the fine arts committee, it wasn't taken from our budget, nor did we have any knowledge of it going on until about four days before it was to happen. The Western Retail Business Club failed to contact me (therefore they shouldn't have used the fine arts title), and our committee already had another event organized for that night (our Battle of the Bands at The Wave, which had about 200 people show up). My committee and I started to organize that in December.

For next year, as advice to the performers, you might want to talk to the fine arts commissioner if you want to be involved, because it is sure to be organized and to represent the arts in a better light.

Christine Taylor
Fine Arts Festival Commissioner
USC Music Representative

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