Volume 90, Issue 87

Tuesday, March 11, 1997




The taxman cometh

The time to file income tax returns is well at hand and the University Students' Council wants to make sure students are prepared.

The USC income tax clinic will be held today through March 20 in the University Community Centre from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. This week the clinic will be located in the atrium, but next week will be set up in CentreSpot. Also, on the last two days, an additional site will be located in the main lounge at King's College.

USC income tax commissioner Luke Wilmshurst will be heading the clinic aided by several student volunteers.

Wilmshurst said students are encouraged to bring their tax information to the clinic and they will be shown how to properly file for their return.

"It is a flexible program to give free education on tax matters as needed by students," Wilmshurst said. "We can hold their hand step by step through the forms or teach people a few new tricks."

Wilmshurst added the clinic is available free of charge to all students, faculty and university employees.

Not-so-green acres

Find out what the buzz is about protesting in northern Ontario.

Leanne Mallett, camp supervisor for the Temagami protestors and a representative of Earthroots, an organization dedicated to the research, education and peaceful direct protest in defense of forests, will be speaking today in Rm. 38 of the Josephine Spencer Niblett Law Building at 12:30 p.m..

Mallet will be joined by Stuart Elgie, lawyer for the Friends of Temagami, to discuss the confrontation at Temagami, a wilderness area 400 kilometres north of Toronto where protestors are fighting to protect Ontario's last large stands of old growth red and white pine.

"Since the Harris government's coming into power, there was pressure from the Ministry of Natural Resources to begin cutting the old-growth pines," said Richard Culpeper of Western's environmental law society. "Harris gave the go-ahead."

Since then, the government has opened 73 per cent of the Temagami forest region, including Owain Lake, the third-largest supply of old growth red and white pine left in the world, to logging, mining and gravel extraction. Temagami also contains rare and unique combinations of vegetation and soil.

"Leanne Mallett has been arrested twice for civil disobedience – standing in front of the bulldozers," Culpeper said. "It should be noted that Elgie is not responsible for Ms. Mallett's legal defense."

– Jeff Badger

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