Volume 90, Issue 89

Thursday, March 13, 1997



Alphabet Soup

Last night's University Students' Council meeting showcased the official unveiling of a new CHRW-TV Western hybrid. Should the budget proposed last night be passed by council next Wednesday the two media operations will merge into one media giant.

The hope is with a larger resource pool and solid management structure, the station will be able to take off. The move makes sound business sense and should prove to be very effective.

We at The Gazette support this change to a yet-to-be-named operation. However, in the interest of just good ol' fun, we've put together a list of potential names for the new media monster.

1. Super Mario World – It's official, the seemingly-benign station manager of CHRW, Mario Circelli, is quietly becoming the Conrad Black of the Western world. Not only does he run Radio Western, but he's got a stranglehold on Scene magazine. Can this man be stopped? What's next? The Purple Prophet?

2. You've Got Your TV Western in my CHRW! No! You've Got Your CHRW in my TV Western! – Two great tastes that go great together.

3. RadioActive – Too hot to touch! Heating up the Western community. Puttin' the wattage into your cottage! Or is it something you want to keep away from?

4. TV's No One's Going to Watch With Radio No One's Going to Listen to – OK, this may be a little cruel. But damn funny!

5. The Friends Network – Now, instead of just watching the show TV Western loves to broadcast, you can listen to the sitcom-inspired CD.

6. TopolskiVision – This venture is the brainchild of USC VP-communications Jerry Topolski. He's been working on it for months – ask him, he'll be more than happy to tell you all about it.

7. MTV – Oops.

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