Volume 90, Issue 89

Thursday, March 13, 1997



USC wage hike intolerable

Re:Pay scale gains weight,March 6.

To the Editor:

I find it very ironic that the University Students' Council has brought forth the motion to increase the salaries received by the USC president and VPs for next year. From what I understand about the salaries given to these positions, it is the students who pay them through the university student fees collected with tuition. This means that either student fees will increase,p or money will be diverted from other programs the USC supports financially. Either way, the students lose.

The irony of this situation lies in the response of the USC to the tuition hikes. The USC is asking that the university put a tuition freeze in place, to limit the financial responsibilities of students to what they can afford. The university is not the only institution accountable to the students – the USC is as well, if not more so. Does the USC believe that the students will accept this increase in wages to the USC president and VP's? I, for one, will not be one of these students. I do not see how the USC can even begin to justify this increase.

Chris Keith, VP-finance, states, "we found it hard to live on this amount ($14,000 after taxes)." I don't know what mathematics he has used to substantiate this. I believe that the following breakdown is relatively representative of what a university student, who is financing their own education, should be expected to pay for necessities throughout the year. This was calculated for an undergraduate student living in London, away from their parents, for a 12-month period.

$3,500 tuition and student fees
$500 books
$4,800 rent (at $400/month - includes utilities)
$2,000 food
$10,800 TOTAL

This leaves $3,500 per year, or $291 per month, for personal expenses for the rest of the year. Oh, to only have the luxury of knowing that I could go out to the movies, socialize or even go on those weekend trips to visit friends in other cities. Some students have to make do with a lot less than $14,000. So don't complain about only receiving $14,000. You can do a heck of a lot with it.

Christine-Marie Foltz
Biology III

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