Volume 90, Issue 89

Thursday, March 13, 1997



More players to watch

Seven-foot, three-inch Brad "Big Continent" Millard could get Wake Forest's Tim Duncan into foul trouble. If he does, St. Mary's could pull an upset.

UCLA senior Charles O'Bannon is playing out his final season and leads an explosive frontcourt with J.R. Henderson and Jelani McCoy. Guard Toby Bailey should be poised for a big tourney.

All-American Keith Van Horn, who averages over 22 points and nine rebounds per game is Utah's go-to-guy.

Kentucky's Ron Mercer will make the jump to the NBA next year, even though he's only played two years of college ball. Mercer was the only player to average double digits in points on a very balanced Wildcat squad.

Alvin Williams and freshman forward Tim Thomas both averaged double digits in points and give Villanova a multi-dimensional attack.

Colorado's Chauncey Billups is one of the best scorers in the NCAA and needs to have a big game if the Buffaloes are to beat Indiana and North Carolina.

Michael Dickerson is the heart and soul of Arizona. Too bad the Wildcats have to play Kansas before the Sweet 16.

Minnesota's Sam Jacobsen, Bobby Jackson and Eric Harris will try to erase the inept image of the Big Ten in tournament play. When I think of gophers though, golf, not basketball comes to mind.

New Mexico has a veteran team led by forward Clayton Shields and guard Charles Smith.

Louisville's DeJuan Wheat plays on a streaky Cardinals team that has the potential to soar or choke on their feathers.

The Iowa Hawkeyes have an outstanding guard in Andre Woolridge, but the rest of the team can't sit back and watch his show.

Illinois will pin its hopes on Kiwane Garris who is a legitimate three-point threat.

If Boston College is going to surprise anyone, Danya Abrams will have to step up his game.

Trajan Langdon is one of the best pure shooters in the country but he may be bothered by a knee injury.

Victor Page put up Allan Iverson-like numbers for Georgetown.

–Alex Chiang

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