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Friday, March 14, 1997



Western hosts pictures of Lilies

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THE STARS OF LILIES. From left: Matthew Ferguson, Danny Gilmore and Jason Cadieux star in Lilies, featured at the McKellar Room this weekend.

Lilies In Person
Mar. 15 &l6
McKellar Room, The Green Tomato Restaurant

There's nothing like a little controversy to kick off an event. Canada's Genie Awards chose Lilies as Best Picture of the Year. The movie and its stars, flying in from New York and Montreal, will hit Western this weekend.

The idea for this event came courtesy of Holy Fellowship Metropolitan Community Church's fund-raiser chair, Rick Brown. Brown called Alliance, the film company, to gain permission to bring the movie here as a benefit. He then called the actors' agents to bring the cast and director.

Mission accomplished. A gay-themed movie as a fund-raiser for a gay positive church. But uwOUT! refused to publicize the event on its queer line because it feels Lilies in Person conflicts with its constitution, and because all the films roles, male and female, are portrayed by male actors. So much for artistic vision.

Lilies is based on a play by Michel Marc Bouchard. Former Londoner John Greyson directed the movie, which has received worldwide acclaim. The story is set in Quebec in 1952, with flashbacks to the year l9l2.

The plot involves themes of love, betrayal and revenge. One man's past comes back to haunt him. Bishop Bilodeau (Mathew Ferguson) arrives to hear the confession of convict Simon Doucet (Jason Cadieux). The movie deftly moves between l952 and l9l2 with scenes involving Simon's fellow prisoners. Simon's love for a boy who died 40 years earlier is also a disturbing chapter from the bishop's youth. Lilies relays a passionate tale of how Vallier's (Danny Gilmore), Simon's and Bilodeau's lives were intertwined.

Lilies is marked by realistic portrayals of gay characters, their relationships, humanity and imperfections. The cinematography speaks with a language all its own. The acting is impeccable.

In the '90s, gay-themed movies are box office bonanzas. Witness the success of Philadelphia and The Bird Cage – movies that are straight versions of gay life. Hollywood would do well to study our Canadian Lilies for its intelligent, honest and original portrayal of gay men.

– Donald D'Haene

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