Volume 90, Issue 90

Friday, March 14, 1997



Financial agony of students

Re: Tuition increases
To the Editor:

Yes, I am yet another student who wants to complain about another tuition increase. I believe that we should voice our opinions. I chose to come to Western because I wanted a decent education at a well-respected school. In order to get here, I had to work 40 hours a week through most of high school. I know that I am not the only student who is familiar with this. I am proud to say that I maintained an honours standing throughout high school. Now that I am at Western, I am working eight hours a week on campus and I am also going home to work another 18-24 hours on the weekends. I know so many students that are in a similar situation and now we must deal with the fact that we might not be here next year.

I have already joined the virtual sit-in, as have my mother and sister. Students must make sure their voice is heard. I always thought education was a right that everyone should have, not just those who can afford it. It is nice to see that people who have no money are still given equal opportunities to advance in society. Education is a right that everyone should have.

If Western is going to allow more tuition increases, then they can say good-bye to a large number of students. President Paul Davenport has said he will not read all the email messages he receives. I feel he should. He should at least know the names of the people that have had the door to their future slammed in their face.

Mary Hayden
Social Science I

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