Volume 90, Issue 90

Friday, March 14, 1997



Injury of the week

NAME: Jeff Heslop
SPORT: Football
INJURY: Hand/wrist
TYPE: Torn ligaments/lacerated wrist
HEALING TIME: Two months


This week's tribute to pain revolves around the luck of Sarnia native Jeff Heslop, a defensive back for the Mustang football team. During a 38-14 win over the Guelph Gryphons on September 21, Heslop, in his second season with the team, tore ligaments beneath the thumb on his left hand. Heslop decided to postpone all surgery until two weeks after the season. Meanwhile he would play the remaining games with a damaged hand. But one week after the final game of the year, Heslop was involved in a "wrestling" accident which resulted in a lacerated wrist on his other arm. So the Mustang with two battered hands had both injuries operated on at the same time – a two-for-one deal. How's that for lucky timing?

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