Volume 90, Issue 91

Tuesday, March 18, 1997

Golden Mean


Rodman rebound

Dennis Rodman has never really belonged in the NBA. That league is too stuffy, too conservative for a free spirit like Rodman. Any guy whose hair colour changes with the day of the week, and who vows to play his last game buck naked, needs a little more room to roam.

That is why things seemed to make perfect sense when Rodman signed with the World Wrestling Federation. But Rodman will not in fact be a part of the WWF. World Championship Wrestling has toppped Vince McMahon's offer of $1 million for two Rodman appearances.

In other WWF news, Ken Shamrock is to be the special guest referee for the Hart/Austin submission match at Wrestlemania XIII. Read that again folks. Wrestlemania XIII. How's that to make you feel old?

Also at Wrestlemania XIII, look for The L.O.D. to accompany Ahmed Johnson to the Chicago Street fight. Isn't that supposed to be spelled LOAD – as in load of crap.

The wrestling rumour mill says longtime WWF favourite Jake "The Snake" Roberts may have been fired from the federation for showing up late to matches.

–Paul Fruitman with files from WWF Impact

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