Volume 90, Issue 91

Tuesday, March 18, 1997

Golden Mean


Abduction debacle serious

Re: Abduction story false, March 11

To the Editor:

I believe that I speak on behalf of all Western students in expressing my disgust over last week's abduction hoax. Such actions from a 22-year-old are truly inexcusable.

To the woman who made the heinous report, let it be known that your crime (and it truly is a crime) has made victims of us all. Please know that your actions are equally, if not more, sick than those which you claimed to be a victim of. As a woman, you are probably aware of the safety concerns endured by women daily. Thank you for intensifying those feelings of fear and vulnerability. I'm also sure that most males do not appreciate the suspicious glances they frequently receive as they go about their daily activities.

Finally, I would like to thank you for the damage which you have caused the entire Western community. It is my opinion that you do not belong at an institution whose reputation you will so readily disgrace.

Perhaps even more appalling than the false accusation is the lack of disciplinary actions taken by the University Police Department. Administering a simple slap on the wrist to the perpetrators of such insensitive pranks only lessens the seriousness of such false accusations.

University officials had best reconsider their policies regarding issues such as this one. Although she escaped criminal charges, perhaps our victim should face expulsion. Western has little need for individuals with so little respect for the community at large.

Anne Iarocci
Social Science I

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