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Volume 90, Issue 91

Tuesday, March 18, 1997

Golden Mean



And the beat goes on...

The Gazette would like to congratulate the three members who will be taking the reins of the paper next year following Friday's front office elections.

Karena Walter (editor-in-chief), Donna MacMullin (deputy editor) and James Pugsley (managing editor) were elected and will assume their positions May 1.

In memory

Luis Jesus, a 23-year-old science student living at Saugeen-Maitland Hall, died Wednesday, March 12.

A memorial service will be held at Saugeen on Thursday at 2 p.m. in the main lounge. Donations in memory of Jesus may be made to the university, the Heart and Stroke Foundation or the charity of your choice.

Caravan goes places

Western students can take part in a whirlwind of international experiences this week during Cultural Caravan. Twenty-five of Western's clubs will be participating in the festivities which run until Friday.

"The purpose of the festival is to promote multiculturalism and diversity at Western," said Maria-Renée Aparicio, the University Students' Council international students commissioner.

"This year's caravan will have an educational twist to make people aware how different cultures affect Canadians," Aparicio said.

Tomorrow night will feature Cultural Jeopardy with teams from different residences competing in the University Community Centre's atrium.

Thursday night, the first Cultural Fashion Show will take place at The Wave at 7 p.m. which will showcase clothes from different countries as well as bands and cultural dances.

Perhaps the most popular festivity will be the food carnival at The Wave which runs today until Thursday. "Each day will feature food from different parts of the world," Aparicio said.

Friday, the International Day for the Elimination of Racism, will be celebrated with a lecture from the High Commander of South Africa in the UCC's McKellar Room at 2 p.m.

–Sara Marett

Tuition sit-in fittin'

Students at Sudbury's Laurentian University left their president's office Friday – 49 hours after they sat down.

"We're really ecstatic about the press we got," said Students' General Association president Mike Grube. He said students continue to send a block of ice every day to the budget committee asking the administration to freeze tuition.

The university president will meet and discuss tuition fees with students before a Board of Governors meeting April 18 in which tuition fees will be decided, said Janet Sailian, director of marketing and communications.

Grube said he understands the university has been put in a difficult position. "We fully acknowledge the provincial government has passed the buck."

Beached wails

Students will be able to vent their frustrations about tuition increases on the Concrete Beach today at 1 p.m.

TV Western will be recording students' concerns as part of University Students' Council's actions. The council will then send the messages to television stations across Ontario.

The original date for the video protest was March 13 but it was postponed because of the death of student Luis Jesus.

–Karena Walter


The mail-in ballots for the USC part-time student health plan must be received by the USC by Friday March 21, not the 17th as previously reported. The Gazette regrets the error.

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