Volume 90, Issue 92

Wednesday, March 19, 1997



Starving students are fed up

Re: Bartering for Bucks, March 13

To the Editor:

It is about time the USC became accountable to the students. They claim that they have the largest budget of any students' council in Canada, but what do I care when I have to dig deeper each year into my pocket to keep it that way? The university administration ordered cuts across the board this year for its ancillary fees. In the meantime, the USC has raised its student fees. Hmm, considering the USC was one of the prime movers behind the administration push for reduced ancillary fees and for greater accountability of funds spent, how can they be so hypocritical?

Here is one great example. There was one glaring omission in the letter "USC Wage Hike Intolerable" about the USC wage hikes. The president and the VPs don't have to pay full tuition. The president doesn't even take classes while in office. Chalk up another $4,000 for them to spend while in office. That makes living expenses of $6,800 and $7,500, respectively, for spending in their free time. Woohoo. In the meantime, I have to pay out the nose to keep them living high off the hog.

I'm sorry to say, but the hired administrative members of the university represent the student needs better than our elected representatives. Perhaps that's why the USC can't stage a real sit-in or rally. They're pretty embarrassed that they can't do anything to reduce student fees by themselves.

You see, Dave and Ryan, I have very simple needs: I want to save money. I really don't care how you do it – just let me see on my next tuition statement that I am paying less. I don't really care what USC service you cut, just save me money. Because I'm a starving student and it would be nice to get some sympathy from my student government.

Owen Charters
English III

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