Volume 90, Issue 92

Wednesday, March 19, 1997



Dear commuters, get a life

Re: Predator vs. prey in the lots, March 6

To the Editor:

While reading The Gazette the other day I happened to stumble upon Buck Haven's letter over the "space stalkers" in the undergraduate parking lots. Although I am no longer a commuter to school, I have known this problem all too well. It bewilders me that there are actually people out there who apparently are willing to wait 20 minutes and track each person who enters the lot to their vehicles, just to get a spot closer to campus.

While I was a commuter, it greatly annoyed me every time this happened. I don't understand the reasoning behind this. Whenever I got to the parking lot and the spots were full I immediately went to another lot. Yes, this is a little further from campus but I also didn't waste my time idling in a lot for God knows how long. The fact that there are people out there willing to do this illustrates pure laziness. I would suggest to all of you waiting anxiously each day for a spot, to just move on, go to another lot and stop hassling those who are just trying to leave in peace.

Claudia Graziotto
Psychology/History IV

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