Volume 90, Issue 92

Wednesday, March 19, 1997



Is there a 'u' in Canada?

Re: Administration spells honours wrong on degrees, March 12

To the Editor:

OK, so some people spell differently than others. I admit, I'm a purist, and I adhere to British spellings regularly and yes, it's the correct Canadian way. But even when I'm antagonized by an often-forgotten letter, I don't find it worthwhile to whine to the general public. I'd rather spend my time petitioning tuition hikes or trying to raise awareness about life-threatening diseases, something a little more meaningful.

Granted, I find it interesting that Western would issue degrees bearing American spellings, yet label their buildings (e.g. 3M Centre) in the British vein. The computers at HelpDesk are turned to an American spell check, yet some of the staff think otherwise. My professors have always iterated the principle that if you're going to choose a spelling format, you stick to it. Does that mean Western gets an "F" for grammatical inconsistency? Personally, I think we're all wrong for spelling connection without an "X." If Mr. Law thinks his example is moot, he should read some new publications out of England. They're even worse.

Corwyn Liam Birch
Arts III

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