Volume 90, Issue 93

Thursday, March 20, 1997



It ain't hip to be square

Few art forms are more misunderstood nowadays than square dancing. This is mainly because these dancing yokels have different meanings for much of the English language. Don and Patti Brown, famous square dancing callers, have delivered ideas on what square dancing is really all about. To avoid any confusion, I will give the English translation.

1) Square dancing is the American Folk Dance of Texas. translation:: A tradition wherein a bunch of rednecks guzzle malt liquor and spin around in circles.

2) It's an activity where husbands and wives can do something together. translation: These older married folk need more than malt liquor to still have sex.

3) It is a family activity where even your children can get involved. translation: Incest.

4) It gets you off the couch and provides mental and physical exercise. translation: Something to do if Hee Haw is a rerun.

5) We don't dance with hay bales and chicken poop. translation: We eat hay bales and chicken poop.

–Paul Fruitman

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