Volume 90, Issue 93

Thursday, March 20, 1997



Virutal sit-in virtually useless

Re: Virtual sit-in

To the editor:

Time for yet another complaint and opinion. This virtual sit-in is virtually useless. I'm tired of hearing of how we Western students are more peaceful than other students across Canada and how the virtual sit-in is the way our voices will be heard. Paul Davenport isn't going to read all of the email we send to him. I would be surprised if he even checks them. Western students aren't more peaceful than other students, we're more apathetic.

Our apathy is so fucking blinding that we continue to close our eyes. This was evident during the University Students' Council elections when next to nobody voted. And why would we? As is the case with most politicians in this country there is no leadership. Shouldn't the president of the USC be leading us during these tough times. Instead we can send email to Paul Davenport. Well thanks Dave [Tompkins, USC president], I didn't need your permission for that. Perhaps the fact that it is the end of your term is your reason to ignore what is going on. Or are you paid far too much to complain?

Where is our newly-elected president? What's his name? Why hasn't he stepped up to lead us? The only true voice we have on this campus is our beloved Gazette. Even what's his name knows that. Receiving the highest raking in The Gazette just days before the election was the best thing that ever happened to your campaign. Maybe at this time next year, when Davenport announces full deregulation of tuition, you will implement a peaceful protest were the students can voice their displeasure through mental telepathy.

The ideal and most-beneficial protest would be if all students across the country were to take the year off in order to make enough money to return the following year. I realize unity is too much to ask for. Could you imagine social science and science students uniting? Or how about arts and engineering? Frats and the rest of the male student population? How profitable would the university be then?

This university should be run by the students for the students. I think we all know that this is not the case? Anyone else have problems entering the faculty of their choice when handing in their intent to register form?

Richard Rizok

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