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Volume 90, Issue 94

Friday, March 21, 1997



Klitsching from warm yet heavy places

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TRAPPED IN THE FRONT OF A CAR. Klitschpeil searches for the steering wheel of a broken dashboard to get to The Whippet Lounge tomorrow night.

By Jennifer Leonard
Gazette Staff

Distortion is good for the brain.

Take some Lipstick, any shade will do, and mix it with Prozac Blue. The end concoction will be a jumbled-spelling of lipstick and the Dutch for "playing in a group."

Klitschpeil is an all original Noi-ze band from the back roads of Staffordville, Ont. Noi-ze, to bassist Jay Bellchamber, reflects "pop music with weird tunings." Accompanying Bellchamber in his pursuit of misshapen sounds are former Lipstick-ers Marvin Luce (guitar/vocals) and Nathan Bentley (drums).

Keit Depression is Klitschpeil's first CD release, put out by Bellchamber's Entartete Kunst Record label. Entartete Kunst is a German term referring to the Nazi-seized "degenerate art" during the Second World War, which the Third Reich saw as a threat to its skewed standards. Bellchamber made a musical connection with the above, stating, "We're not really classical or mainstream with our music [either]."

In the pre-Klitschpeil days, Luce also had his own record label – Staplehead Records in Tillsonburg, Ont. – prior to associating artistically with on-leave Prozac Blue boy, Bellchamber. Luce "basically started his own scene" humbly declares the similarly-motivated Bellchamber, who did the same in London.

Klitschpeil practices in a self-created shack in the backyard of Luce's grandfather's home. Bellchamber makes it known that "Marvin's grandfather has supported Staplehead Records and has allowed Staplefests to take place on his property." Last year's Staplefest entertained 800 "totally pissed Tillsonburg red necks," laughs Bellchamber.

Keit Depression's first four songs are admittedly "low-fi and dusty." The listener is carried from the warm and fuzzy "Calm" to the empathetic and downward-spiralling "Empty Feeling" to the heavily-distorted and powerful "Who Made Who" to the facetiously repetitive "Made in the U.S.A." The last song, "Human Loop," is a live noise jam which Bellchamber believes to have captured "the dynamism of interacting with other people."

"Being in a band is such a buzz. You get both memories and the moment. Playing with others is like the fitting together of lego blocks," exudes Bellchamber.

All Klitschpeil members identify strongly with Sonic Youth, although Bentley favours The Psychedelic Furs and Luce is partial to metal. But don't expect a tough image to be reflected by the latter taste, as Bellchamber plans to bring a smoke machine and disco ball to Klitschpeil's CD release party "just for cheese."

Whether it's the warmth of vinyl, the blurried photocopy cover art, or the colourful warping of a distortion pedal, Klitschpeil offers unique art.

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