Volume 90, Issue 94

Friday, March 21, 1997



A new answer to how to graduate

By Karena Walter
Gazette Staff

Students in the faculty of education can now earn a post-graduate certificate after completing a one-year advanced teacher education program.

Starting September 1997, students can take the new program which includes a one-semester internship, two seminars on critical issues in education, a research paper and faculty seminar.

"It's an opportunity for students to engage in advanced studies in education," said Allen Pearson, dean of education.

In order to be admitted into the program, students must already have a bachelor of education and an Ontario teacher's certificate.

However, the program is not going to be the second-year of a two-year B.Ed. program, Pearson said. If a two-year B.Ed. program becomes mandated the present program would be dropped.

Pearson said the new program, under the supervision of the faculty of education, provides additional qualification for teachers and has a research component.

"The more qualified a person is the better the choice of hiring that person."

Despite concerns by some Senate members that a person with a two-year certificate may be accepted over a person with a one-year B.Ed. for a job, Pearson said the program has been discussed with the Ontario Teacher's Federation, faculty of education liaison committee and other groups who have not expressed opposition to the plan.

But student senator Ben Thornton opposed the plan. He said he was approached by a student who was concerned students in the program would be paying a full year's tuition but would not be paid for the internship semester.

As well, he felt the classifications in the faculty for a B.Ed. could create problems down the line.

Greg Moran, VP-academic, said there are already lots of professional education programs throughout the university.

The program will be self-funded and will therefore have no financial impact on other programs in the faculty. Fifty students will be accepted into the program this September.

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