Volume 90, Issue 94

Friday, March 21, 1997



Shovelin' it at Trent

By Kevin Gale
Gazette Staff

It's budget time at Peterborough's Trent University and students say they are tired of being buried waist-deep in fees.

That is why a decorated shovel will be presented to the school's Board of Governors at a meeting early this morning, along with the message students are sick of having the school's debt load dumped on them.

Matt Gallinger, president of the Trent Central Students' Association, said in addition to the shovel, an empty chair will be placed at the meeting table donning the label 'student,' to symbolize the accessibility problems students face because of rising tuition costs. "We want it to remain peaceful and creative," he said.

This comes after the association held a successful referendum this week asking students whether or not they support the administration's decision to increase tuition by the 10 per cent maximum allowed by the provincial government.

Students at Trent voted 567-83 against the tuition increase in the week-long referendum, which ended yesterday afternoon.

Gallinger said he had originally asked the administration to run a 'Yes' campaign two weeks ago, but they declined. He added the association did not run a 'No' campaign.

Gallinger said he is unsure how seriously the Board will take the referendum, but has spoken with university president Leonard Connolly, who has agreed to take the result under consideration.

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