Volume 90, Issue 95

Tuesday, March 25, 1997



Entertainment apology

Sometimes an editorial decision is made with less thought involved than what such decisions truly merit. Such was the case last week when a photograph was printed of Cari Pine at the Underground Groove fashion show which did not show respect to the model or the show. For those people who saw the photo, we apologize for the unrepresentative pose that was photographed and printed.

To Pine, we cannot apologize enough for the distress and pain that was inflicted on you by our poor judgment. The entertainment editors both feel terrible for the repercussions due to this picture, and while we can only look on this situation in retrospect, we realize that such a decision should always, first and foremost, consider the individual pictured before everything else. We would like people to understand that this photo was not a good representation of Pine's performance at the show, as the photographed kick was only seconds long, but now, thanks to our poor judgment, stands as an unforgettable moment in time.

The Gazette maintains that since this picture was taken at a public event, with the action in question done in full view of photographers, that the paper had every professional right to run the photo. But we are in fact guilty of a lack of consideration to the individual and a failure to gauge the photograph's response. Once again, Gazette Entertainment apologizes to Cari Pine for printing this picture and hopes that in the future we will learn from our mistake.

–Jonathan Hale and Paul Fruitman

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