Volume 90, Issue 96

Wednesday, March 26, 1997

red, white and blue


Dirty qualities perfected with vengeance

Mollies Revenge
Every Dirty Word

Few woman-fronted bands can escape the negative stereotypes often associated with female musicians – especially if the lyrics tend to be based around same-sex relationships.

Vancouver's Mollies Revenge has broken all these barriers with its latest release, Every Dirty Word. Close friends of Moist, the band produces the same type of strong, emotionally-turbulent music. Also similarly, singer Yvette's voice exhibits full control of all ranges of sound, from sweetly soft to full-out force. These two extremes come together in the sound of the song "Cruel Angel," where even the title suggests a razor-sharp feather.

The songs on the album are also diverse in nature, ranging from the seductive and erotic "I Like to Watch," to the soulful "Threshold," to the snappy and jazzy "Bird." Every Dirty Word is definitely a difficult album to neatly categorize with any musical label.

Although the band's lyrics often refer to lesbian relationships, these are presented subtly and intelligently. Mollie's Revenge speaks to more mature feelings, not intending to shock the listener but to demonstrate the intensity of the emotion. Yvette sings her romantic poetry most eloquently in "Axelle the Dolphin:" "She swims to me in candlewax/Her landscape dipped in streams of black/She gave me more than I could keep/New life, another sea/She will always swim with me."

Another interesting part of Every Dirty Word is the band's cover of The Kinks' "Lola." Yvette's interpretation of the song gives it a girl-love slant and the result is a fresh, soulful celebration of a first-love crush.

Mollies Revenge is a band intent on making its own brand of music. The many characteristics which make it unique – the powerfully emotional lyrics and strong, creative music – blend to create a storm of poetic musical turbulence. Every Dirty Word is an album which should enable the band to ride the waves to international success and recognition.

–Lisa Weaver

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