Volume 90, Issue 96

Wednesday, March 26, 1997

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Two strikes against diqualified Carleton brass

By Kevin Gale
Gazette Staff

The fate of Carleton University Students' Association's presidential elections will finally be decided April 21 as two disqualified winners will have their day in court.

A decision to disqualify the current president and president-elect Christian Dallaire and running mate finance-elect Sachelle Magloire for illegal campaigning during this year's CUSA elections in late February was upheld by the association's constitutional board March 20.

As a result, Magloire and Dallaire will spend $2,500 of their personal funds to seek civil action against the association. "It's frustrating and disappointing it went this far," he said. "It could've been settled internally, but there are personal biases involved."

The council voted Monday night not to seek legal representation for themselves in the case, said the association's VP-academic Jeff Jakobsen. He added the council supports Dallaire and Magloire's case but eight of the 31 councillors were involved in Dallaire's campaign and declared a conflict of interest.

The original board disqualified the two over a dispute as to whether or not the two had obtained a letter of permission to campaign in the Rideau River residence during the elections.

Dallaire said he felt the March 20 meeting was unfair because neither Dallaire nor Magloire were invited to attend to give their side of the story.

However, constitutional board member Darcy Vol, who presented the board's defence of its decision to an alternate board, after his board declared a conflict of interest, said the two were represented by a councillor.

Arts and science councillor Pat Gordon challenged the board's decision on the grounds they misinterpreted a bylaw prohibiting the disruption of residence life during the elections, Vol said.

Dallaire said he will remain at work, despite the current situation. "It would be ridiculous to stay away from work," he said. "I had to continue. To give up would be to say there is nothing wrong with the system."

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