Volume 90, Issue 96

Wednesday, March 26, 1997

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King's grants licence to give

By Sandra Dimitrakopoulos
Gazette Staff

Students and alumni at King's College have been given a licence to drive their school spirit to new heights.

Western's affiliate college is offering the sale of specialized licence plates with the King's College logo, a portion of which will be put towards student bursaries and the college's alumni association.

The college only recently became involved in fund-raising through the current Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund, a program where the provincial government matches any funds raised by schools before March 31.

Two dollars from sales of the $52.10 King's licence plates goes towards the fund, said Cynthia Loveman, director of alumni and development at King's College.

The response to all fund-raising at King's has been overwhelming with alumni donations near $10,000 a day for the OSOTF, Loveman added.

Ken Crocker, annual fund officer for Newfoundland's Memorial University, said their school does not like to use merchandising techniques, such as the license plates, to solicit funds. "We try to keep merchandising separate from charitable gifts to avoid confusion on the part of the alumni," he said, adding most of the donations to Memorial are directed at student scholarships.

More traditional methods are used by schools like Halifax's Dalhousie University and Western to raise funds. They include the mass mailing of newsletters, brochures or pledge cards as well as a follow-up phone call by students from the school.

Dalhousie has had success taking the traditional route to getting alumni donations. "Sixty-seventy per cent of the $7 million cash donations to the school in 1996 came from alumni members," said Charlotte Sutherland, Dalhousie's director of development.

However, this year Memorial moved towards a face-to-face method of soliciting donations after five years of fluctuating donations from $450,000 to $500,000. Crocker added the school has raised about $1 million this year.

Western has been increasingly successful in raising money since the early 1980s, said Joanne Cole, director of development at Foundation Western. Of the $22 million raised last year, 46 per cent came from alumni alone.

"We mainly raise money for endowments but also for small funds," she said.

Cole added this year they hope to raise $12 to $13 million for OSOTF bursaries.

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