Volume 90, Issue 96

Wednesday, March 26, 1997

red, white and blue



Rivalry between the business and medical schools led to kidnappings, smoke bombs and a few fist fights, The Gazette reported on March 26, 1954.

Two of the candidates for King of the Business Ball were taken from Huron College as they were dressing for the ball.

King Jim McDonald was imprisoned on the second floor of the Zete house which had been taken over by meds students. Jim escaped by climbing out of a window and swinging down from an eavestrough.

In the meantime, business students armed with smoke bombs surrounded a meds' house. "Meds students, barring their doors, defended themselves with a fire hose.

"At the dance, meds further disrupted things by setting off a smoke bomb in the main entrance, releasing pigeons and shutting off the power."

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