Volume 90, Issue 97

Thursday, March 27, 1997



EDITORIAL: Here comes Peter Cottontail

As we take an extra couple of days to celebrate the Easter holiday, it seems only fitting to pay tribute to the most festive bunny of the year – the Easter Bunny.

With all of his hip-hopping goodness and floppy-eared seniority among fellow 'wascally wabbits,' this little egg-bearer is a welcome sight after a dismal March.

Although the Easter Bunny is tied to a Christian holiday, students of every religion won't likely complain about getting one final breather before exam time. Thanks little guy (assuming EB is male).

But aside from his royal fluffiness, there are a number of cottontails with some responsibility for making the local news and it also seems fair to include them in our tribute – whether they have rubbed their lucky feet or not.

Energizer Bunny – This unstoppable lapin must be the driving force behind University Students' Council's president-elect Ryan Parks as he cuts back the number of students running in the federal election from three to one. And going and going and going... While he and his committee had planned to run one student in each of London's three federal ridings, time limitations, legal concerns and financial constraints caused the committee to do a double take. Michael Rubinoff is now the sole candidate running in London North Centre. He and his team will keep going and going.

Dust Bunnies – These rather pesky little bunnies are responsible for a renovation to London's Covent Garden Market. Since the market has been housed in the same building for nearly 50 years, the city is now considering three proposals to rebuild. The opportunity for public input has been delayed while city council wades through some red tape. Council better hurry before the dust bunnies take over.

Playboy Bunny – A lot of boys like this rather promiscuous bunny, but maybe a little too much. At least that's the indication since Canadian chapters of Phi Delta Theta fraternity, including one at Western, decided to ban alcohol in their residences. This ban extending to social gatherings held at their houses will be phased in, becoming fully effective in the year 2000.

Bugs Bunny – "What's up doc?" OK, so this carrot chompin' bunny can't really take responsibility for anything that happened today – but Bugs is just so lovable.

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