Volume 90, Issue 97

Thursday, March 27, 1997



How dare they ask for raise? USC voter lost

Re: Salary increase for USC executive

To the Editor:

How typical. Somehow I thought the University Students' Council was different. I thought that they actually cared about the students of Western and were working to make this a better place for us to get an education. How stupid I was! I actually thought that the members of the USC were actually concerned about the possibility of rising tuition.

They went through the trouble of organizing a virtual sit-in to try to get their our message across to Western's president, Dr. Paul Davenport. USC President, Dave Tompkins has been putting in horrendous hours trying to make the students' voices heard. Unfortunately, it seems that Dr. Davenport will not be listening to us, but hey, can we blame him? Why should he? The USC is asking him to put a freeze on tuition but in the same breath they tried to sneak through a proposal that will increase VP and president salaries. Dr. Davenport must be having a hoot over this one. How can the members of the USC executive honestly, ethically and morally ask for this raise when they are (supposedly) fighting for a tuition freeze? This is ridiculous.

I must say that I am not really surprised. The USC has proven to me that they are no better than big government and they don't represent me any longer. Never again will I vote in a USC election and I cannot support anything that the USC endorses.

USC executive – get real. I think that the money you make already is too much and you want more? Sure, my tuition may not go up, but my student fees sure as hell will. Maybe I should sit in one of your offices!

Perry Monaco
History II

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