Volume 90, Issue 97

Thursday, March 27, 1997



Entertainment writing under fire

Re: Cavorting with fashionphiles, March 18

To the Editor:

The media has a right to publish information on a public story. However, the media has a responsibility to accurately represent the story.

I found your entertainment article on March 18 regarding the Underground Groove fashion show to be irresponsible and sexist. The Gazette sent a reporter who admits he has almost no experience with fashion to cover southwestern Ontario's largest fashion event. That reporter in turn wrote an article that depicts the fashion show as little more than sexy models who "really enjoyed parading around in the often skimpy designs." I was an audience member at the fashion show and the majority of the outfits were not skimpy and were very tasteful.

The author also implied that he couldn't wait to see the models on concrete beach and that what amounted to good fashion from his perspective was nothing more than models in g-strings. If Jory Groberman's idea of fashion is g-strings then perhaps he should consider retiring as an entertainment columnist.

Furthermore, the models and staff of the show were informed that The Gazette photographers would be taking "as many pictures as possible" in order to make the pictures available to the models for purchase. I would like to ask The Gazette staff why they chose to use two pictures that were tasteless and did not accurately portray the fashion show nor show any of the outfits that were designed for the show.

To those who didn't have a chance to see the fashion show it was fantastic. The clothes that were designed were of excellent quality and style. There was an incredible amount of diversity and professionalism displayed by all involved. I only wish The Gazette staff was as professional.

Michael Glenn
Computer Science II
Underground Groove Volunteer

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