Volume 91, Issue 41

Tuesday, November 11, 1997



Didn't get it

Re: News you can use, Nov. 5

To the Editor:
I was left speechless with anger when I opened The Gazette to find Allan Burge's offensive letter. I'm not sure how Mr. Burge has managed to survive in Western's vastly diverse community, let alone the rest of the world, when he is quite clearly racist and homophobic. What difference does it make who writes the news? Is it really so important to Allan that the articles he reads be written by a "white, heterosexual male," as he so blatantly stated. Consider the triviality of that and think about it. What has our society come to? Also, what makes Allan so almighty that the news be written according only to his standards? Western has a very diverse population of students and faculty and therefore the school newspaper should reflect that. We all have a right to be included and to contribute if we so wish, no matter what our race, religion, sexuality or gender. Wake up Allan!! It seems to me like you've been hiding under a rock all your life and perhaps that's where you belong.

Wendy Ward
Biology III

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