Volume 91, Issue 41

Tuesday, November 11, 1997



EPC success?

Re: EPC policy goes to Ottawa, Nov. 6

To the Editor:
I was more than a little disturbed by the article which detailed the "stunning" success of the Education Party in getting its views represented in a private member's bill to be put before Parliament by Liberal MP Joe Fontana. I certainly do not want to argue with Mr. Castiglione's assertion that education is a vital investment in a person's future and that it should be made a national priority.

Yet, Mr. Rubinoff is quoted as saying the private member's bill, to make student loans tax deductible, is somehow directly the result of actions of the Education Party. Whether or not the Education Party did in fact play a role in initiating this bill, there are distressing implications in Mr. Rubinoff's comments. Should it really cost Western students tens of thousands of dollars to communicate with their elected representative in the House of Commons? What is stopping Ryan Parks, who is paid to represent the concerns of Western students, from communicating policy ideas directly to Joe Fontana?

Personally, I would have offered to deliver any education related policy initiatives to Mr. Fontana for only two dollars – the cost of the bus fare to his constituency office. Instead, the USC chose to spend tens of thousands of dollars creating yet another level of bureaucracy to communicate with our elected representative who is supposed to be listening to our concerns and ideas anyway. As students who pay astronomically high student fees compared to other universities in Canada, this madness has to stop somewhere.

It's up to President Ryan Parks to reassure students at Western that the USC will not embark on another ill-conceived and expensive experiment with our money.

Ray Novak
UWO Reform Club

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