Volume 91, Issue 42

Wednesday, November 12, 1997

Downey fresh


Presumed innocent

Re: Huff and puff, Nov.7

To the Editor:
Mr. Cho, your level of sarcastic rhetoric is indeed laudable. I agree, facts should be looked upon. Fact: I, in no way made any claim I was a legal expert, but I do assert I can read and understand. I would have hoped someone reading my opinion would have been more concerned with the real message. I thought my writing was clear and concise and my message apparent, but I guess it might have been too simple for such a complex legal mind as Mr. Cho's.

Despite The Gazette's slanted reporting, the USC member who allegedly sexually harassed a girl, was found innocent. Yes innocent. From reading the articles in The Gazette, no reasonable person could ascertain this gentleman was found innocent by the USC vote – even a non-legal expert like myself, all the way up to a Supreme Court Judge, or even higher – perhaps Mr. Cho, could see a problem with this.

The issue has nothing to do with law, but common decency. Saying someone is guilty of an act and writing almost all negative comments about that person, especially when they're innocent, is morally questionable and, I assume, poor journalism. However, not being a journalism expert, I could be wrong, but I am sure Mr. Cho will be more than willing to help me out on this one.

Getting back to the real issue, not ego patting, Mr. Cho, the message I wanted to get out was that Mr. Trier, whether certain writers in The Gazette like it or not, was found INNOCENT. This is a person they are writing about, please remember that. His story was plastered all over the front page, from a definitely slanted viewpoint. In my humble opinion, which I'm sure Mr. Cho will correct, I think that even "Hollywood" could have appreciated that.

Demetrios Tiokaris
Law I

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