Volume 91, Issue 42

Wednesday, November 12, 1997

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Not buying it

Re: Frats philanthropic, Nov.5

To the Editor:
We are curious to know how long it took you to come up with this excuse about your event at the Base being one for Cancer research. It sounds good but for some reason we just don't buy it. However, for the moment, let's assume that your fraternity has an iota of dignity and that the event was for a good cause. Can you then explain to us why your rent-a-friends did not mention this fact when trying to sell us the tickets? Not only did they "forget" to mention the event was to raise money for cancer, but they also knowingly lied to us in order to make a buck, which we personally feel would have gone right into some Alpha Epsilon Pi fund to buy beer. In fact, in trying to sell us the tickets, your rent-a-friends made some very degrading comments about the type of women that would be there and how we would have a great time because of this. We always have been and continue to be interested in donating money to a good cause, but giving money to a greedy egotistical fraternity such as Alpha Epsilon Pi does not constitute, in our opinion, a good cause!

In conclusion and on a personal note, I feel your apology was one that was completely uncalled for. My mother died of cancer when I was three years old. I have always and always will support the Canadian Cancer Society.

Mike Steinman
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Chad Horenfeldt
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