Volume 91, Issue 42

Wednesday, November 12, 1997

Downey fresh


Touchy, touchy

Re: Political asylum, Nov. 4

To the Editor:
The hand gesture motion was a joke. You know, a silly little thing done to provoke a little mirth, or maybe even be a little tiny shaft of sunlight in an otherwise grey and humourless world. The gesture we adopted was to be the "unofficial hand gesture of the USC." Unofficial, so it doesn't even go down in the books. Unofficial, so nobody has to use it and nobody really does, except occasionally in fun. It was done to add a little levity to an otherwise horrendously trying meeting, as this was the same meeting where we debated for over three hours on whether to remove a USC councillor from his position. The other councillor who put this motion forward and I knew this was going to be a rough meeting. We thought we'd try to make it a little bit more fun. If we'd known The Gazette needed to fill space in their editorial section, we'd have put together a whole raft of motions for them to print up and criticize. I've got a great one about The Gazette being required to justify their social worth to the student population whose money they are so happy to use.

I refer you to your Oct. 31 editorial where it is suggested that one dress up like a clown and pretend to be from the USC. It would be nice to occasionally see something from The Gazette that puts the USC in a good light, but I guess that would be like asking for something like balanced reporting. While The Gazette editorial staff go scrambling for dictionaries to look up the word "reporting," let me say that last year I'd frequently try to defend The Gazette against the accusations from a friend of mine who kept calling it a pointless rag. I guess I'd agree with her now, except the ink on this rag comes off awfully easy for a one to be able to clean anything with it.

My opinions in no way represent those of the USC, by the way, just myself.

Peter Ash
Honours Economics IV

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