Volume 91, Issue 43

Thursday, November 13, 1997

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No Mustang spirit

Re: Mustang football coverage, Nov. 11

To the Editor:
Now, I don't know if The Gazette was like this every year, but this year it is really getting on my nerves. This time I will only refer to the football game coverage after the Yates cup game. How could you, as the university newspaper, put our varsity football team down? Is this your Mustang spirit? Shame on you people for discouraging the football team in this fashion. When you play a game, some people win and others lose. Do you think that even though the Mustangs lost a football game they weren't playing with all their abilities? Don't you think they were out there trying to win the football game?

The cartoon in The Gazette on page four said the following: "I thought we had gone over this, but just to clarify things.... ONLY throw the ball to the people wearing purple!" and the picture shows the coach talking to the offence, I presume. Well, first off, this comic was not by any means funny. It would have been funny if the team in the picture was Waterloo or Laurier or someone OTHER than Western. If you are so much better and you know all the rules, maybe you should become the Mustang's quarterback.

Another quote from page six said, "At least it wasn't the soap that I dropped." I mean, what the heck does dropping the soap have to do with a football game? Well, all I've got to say is the only reason I read The Gazette now is to humour myself with your ignorance.

Issam Kobrsi
Biochem/Chem II

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