Volume 91, Issue 43

Thursday, November 13, 1997

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Oversight noticed

Re: Remembrance Day

To the Editor:
Tuesday morning, as I was walking to the university, I took particular notice of the flag flying from University College. I was startled to see it had not been lowered to half staff for Remembrance Day. A hasty telephone call to the office of the president rectified the apparent oversight.

The proper name of the tower, the most recognizable structure of the university, is actually Middlesex Memorial Tower. It was erected in 1923-24 as a tribute to the men and women of the county killed in the Great War.

I was already surprised to learn Western would be open on Tuesday and that classes would continue uninterrupted through 11 a.m.. I was considerably more shaken to see the flag had been forgotten.

Regrettable mistakes will always happen and are easily enough forgiven. What would make me feel better is to see some evidence that this particular one had been noticed by other members of the university community.

Martin Cooke
Masters Sociology I

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