Volume 91, Issue 43

Thursday, November 13, 1997

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Re: Explicit sex, Oct. 28 and uwOUT poster controversy

To the Editor:
I would like to make a formal apology to the president of the uwOUT club. It seems that people like myself have caused unnecessary grief to Ms. Duggan and her associates. I must have been blinded by the beauty of the two posters to fully realize what was going on.

As for the "embracing" Ms. Duggan illustrates, there is no doubt in my mind that the true nature of the posture is of two men embracing. However, what may I ask was the mouth of the fellow who had his face buried in the other man's groin embracing? It seems that because I found these posters to be inappropriate and sexually explicit, I simply MUST be homophobic, because we all know that unless we agree wholeheartedly with the opinions of homosexuals, we must be ignorant and afraid of them. Well then, I guess my girlfriend should be alerted right now, because I must be heterophobic as well! I know I am not speaking simply for myself, when I say that if I had seen a poster of a woman, with her face buried in the groin of a man, I would be equally offended. Not only would others have been offended as well, but I guarantee you that action would have been taken against the club who displayed such pictures for depicting what is seen as pornography. Nudes embracing is one thing, however, acting out sexual positions is certainly taking this to a new level.

Due to the outlandishness of your arguments and the defensiveness in the tone of your response, I must say you have been blinded in your own self-righteousness. I have no problems with issues regarding choice of sexuality, however, I do not agree to the tactless way that your club represented themselves with the degree of sexuality in the posters.

Chris Curry

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