Volume 91, Issue 44

Friday, November 14, 1997

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Maclean's ranks

By Brendan Howe
Gazette Staff

The results are in and Maclean's magazine is set to release its controversial guide to universities Monday – which compares Canadian universities in its annual study.

The report puts every Canadian university to a rigorous test of 22 different criteria and ranks them – a test in which Western has not ranked among the best in the country in recent years, coming in sixth in its category last year.

University Students' Council President Ryan Parks said findings of the report have been questionable in the past and the study may not have accurately depicted student life at Western. He added he understands what the magazine is trying to do but does not think this is being done as well as it could be.

"We're never going to tell the absolute complete story," said Victor Dwyer, education editor at Maclean's. He added it would be impossible for Maclean's to go and visit every university.

VP-academic Greg Moran said he does not think comparing universities against each other is the best way to do things. He added the level of analysis Maclean's uses is not as good as it could be.

"It would be more useful if the university provided this information, not Maclean's – who is ultimately out to sell magazines," Moran said. The information published will effect how students and the rest of the country think about Western, he added.

To increase the amount of information about Western available to Maclean's for the future, Parks plans to develop a Maclean's Commission. He said the purpose of the commission will be to talk to stakeholders around campus and provide some input to the editorial board of the magazine about what Western life is about.

It is a matter of getting all the right people into one room and discussing all the right issues, Parks said.

Dwyer said the more input the magazine receives from students, the better. "I think it's great that they want to give us more information. There's lots of room for ideas." He added the magazine does not usually receive a lot of feedback from students.

The magazine will hit the stands Monday, but Dwyer said because of the impending postal strike people with subscriptions may be waiting longer for their copy.

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