Volume 91, Issue 44

Friday, November 14, 1997

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Haylor's good gut

Re: Rumbling over Haylor's gut feelings, Oct.30

To the Editor:
Mr. Parsons, have you actually been to the Mustang football games this year or last year? I wondered that when reading your letter about the so-called quarterback controversy.

First of all, football is a sport, not a popularity contest. In sports, the name of the game is winning. Coach Larry Haylor has been in the winning circle many times (Vanier Cup). He is by far, one of the winningist coaches CIAU football has ever seen. No one has ever questioned his recruiting, play calling, or choice of players as you have.

This year, his choice of starting Mike O'Brien in favour of Oliver Curri was a coaching decision which would have been made by just about any coach in the sport. The move sparked a somewhat anemic and underachieving offence. While Currie is an excellent quarterback, O'Brien adds an extra weapon as he is great at running the ball. Not to be overlooked is his athletic ability as a punter, a role he has played for the last two years which also accounts for important "game" experience.

As for the "large controversy last year" you wrote about, I suggest you actually come to the games instead of hopelessly relying on The Gazette sports columnists for your information. Gazette sports writers seemed to me to be the only "number of people" who "demanded Jordan Haylor's removal" last year. One only has to pick up a Mustang Football Media Guide, that us "media types" have at our disposal and see some very enlightening facts. Haylor's season last year was the eighth best passing season by a Mustang quarterback of all time. Does that sound impressive? Well, he is also the Mustang's 10th all time career passing leader. This puts him up with names like Jamie Bone and Warren Goldie. Haylor's season last year was accomplished even with the loss (graduation) of all but one of Western's skill positions on offence. There were no veteran receivers like Sandy McGregor, Tom McConnel and Stewart Beak. Working with a new offence is no easy task but Haylor's 60 per cent passing percentage last year was quite impressive. The fact that he was the coach's son is irrelevant.

By the way, the tie against McMaster was no big deal. The Marauders are an improving team coached by a former Larry Haylor protege and last year's Mustang Offensive Coordinator Greg Marshall.

Vijay Rasaiah
CHRW 94.7 FM Sports

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