Volume 91, Issue 44

Friday, November 14, 1997

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Caring nurses

Re: Nursing profession

To the Editor:
The nursing degree we receive at UWO is a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, reinforcing that nursing is not only basic care of patients but also a science. In addition, at the end of our four years at university we write professional licensing exams to allow us to practise. The roles of nurses are changing and expanding with literally thousands of options; hospital and non-hospital work, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, private practitioners, etc.

There are more registered nurses and registered practical nurses currently practising in Ontario than any other health care professional; approximately 80,000. Nurses are an essential part of the health care team. They are the most familiar with the patients as they care for these patients on a 24 hour basis. Next time you come in contact with a nurse, tell him/her they did a great job (if they did do a good job) and that you support them. In the tough economic and political times we are currently experiencing in Ontario, nurses need the support of the public as much as other professions.

Martha Huebert

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