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Volume 91, Issue 45

Wednesday, November 19, 1997



Loud 'n' proud

Re: Political Asylum, Nov. 4

To the Editor:
I agree with your editorial about the occasional stupidity of political figures that makes intelligent citizens want to bang their heads on a blunt object with resignation. I did find, however, that the negative remarks about the USC hand symbol were a tad excessive. The hand symbol was not intended, as The Gazette suggests, to be a VIP pass for an exclusive country club. It was an attempt by myself and another councillor to bring a lighter side to meetings which, in all honesty, can be a bit dry, slow and boring. The USC deals with a lot of serious issues and recent meetings have dealt with quite controversial topics. Because of the level of seriousness that is predominant at many USC meetings, it is easy to understand why so many students on this campus see the USC as something unapproachable, even though it isn't.

The Gazette on previous occasions has referred to USC members as "cloned politicos," "clowns" and other barbs that, while clever, detract from the council's reputation amongst students by making us all look like a bunch of resumé-obsessed starched-shirt bores. In reality, most USC members are fun-loving and sociable people who take our positions seriously while realizing there is some fun to be had. Sure the hand sign was immature. Sure it was a bit self-indulgent, but at least it is an example of a humorous side which shows the USC aren't the political clones that The Gazette has claimed we are, but are actually average students just like everyone else.

Everyone is welcome to use this hand symbol and for those interested here is how! To perform the USC hand symbol (better known as the "Metal" hand symbol), simply raise only the index and baby fingers of your hand. Maybe if everyone in the world started doing this hand sign world peace would erupt. Maybe I'm getting a little carried away.

Hey, Western ... show it proud and shout it loud ... Metal! USC!

Peter Hill
USC Arts Councillor

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