Volume 91, Issue 45

Wednesday, November 19, 1997



Faulty argument

Re: Explicit Sex, Oct. 28

To the Editor:
Alexa Duggan, you begged us to open our eyes because "queers are here" I say open YOUR eyes! Her latest attempt to convince us her posters were NOT sexually explicit, proves to all of us who saw the posters that she is blind. She can understand why, at first glance, we could think they are explicit. It's because we didn't look LONG enough at them. HA! So, what first looks like one man going down on another is actually, upon closer inspection, something totally different. To the president of uwOUT!, it was "a picture of a tender moment between two individuals that were involved intimately." INTIMATELY, she says, but not sexually. So homo-oral-sex is intimate but not sexual? Now I am really confused.

Duggan still can't shake the faulty "it's art" argument and adds yet another bogus one to her portfolio. She claims her posters are tasteful and the judge of this is "amount-of-skin-shown" which, in this case, is no less than that of a bather. I guess I have to agree the one man's face (which is buried in the other's crotch) forms a sort of covering which hides about the same amount of skin as would a Speedo. What I won't concede, however, is this is what makes it tasteful. If I was an artist, I could easily make a poster that could be agreed upon as being in very bad taste, with two models that are dressed in full winter apparel but their zippers are down.

It's almost as if Alexa Duggan realizes she has no legitimate argument, so she resorts to something that we have come to expect of the gay community... she begins to argue ad hominem, which is an admitted last resort. It is to "attack the man" rather than the issue. Here she spews forth the classic jargon and calls us "homophobic" and "sheltered." While I would love to join her in this, I need not because I am not, nor should be, in the defensive position. Yes, the issue about uwOUT! posters still comes up in campus media. Why shouldn't it? The issue HAS NOT been resolved, nor WILL NOT be resolved, nor SHOULD NOT be resolved if Ms. Duggan continues spouting nonsense.

Dave Theobald
Biology II

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