Volume 91, Issue 46

Wednesday, November 19, 1997



Don't weigh the unnecessary evidence

Re: Weigh the evidence, Nov. 12

To the Editor:
Law must not have taught you much, Diana Reynolds. Your letter seems to indicate that neither guilt nor innocence seems to interest you, but only [Stuart] Trier's gender. Quoting the statistics presented by the Women's Issues Network that show 60 per cent of male university students polled in a survey responded they would commit sexual assault if they knew they would not be caught completely erodes your previous arguments.

I guess that makes 60 per cent of us males potentially-guilty sexual assailants.

I can not believe that any thinking person would re-quote that Women's Issues Network statistic as any type of argument in a letter designed to encourage people to 'Weigh the evidence.' It's not as though the Women's Issues Network is a model guardian of equality, or worthy of being cited.

The most reasoned argument made in your letter was to encourage people to put statistics aside and recognize the reality of sexual assault. Perhaps you should also recognize the possibility of spurious claims, however remote.

Weighing the facts in a reasoned manner with impartial (objective) treatment does more for the sake of justice than using statistics inappropriately. Likewise, being sensitive to both the accuser and the accused is not only wise, but protects both party's rights until the facts of the case are known.

Jeff Gardiner
UWO Alumni

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