Volume 91, Issue 46

Wednesday, November 19, 1997



Sanctions unfair

Re: Current crisis in the Middle East

To the Editor:
I'm writing in regard to the United States sanctions on Iraq. First of all, we have to evaluate the effect of the sanctions. If the purpose of the sanctions was to kill, maim and weaken the next generation of Iraqis, then they were very successful. Saddam Hussain is still in power and the sanctions have not and will not hurt him unless the policy of the United Nations is to starve the Iraqi population until they either die and thus, eliminate the Iraqi race, or overthrow Saddam – but who are we to choose their leader for them? The diplomacy of the U.S. is one of double standard. Its Hollywood role of being the defender of liberty and protector of the innocent is not an Oscar-winning role. Might I remind you of its very friendly relationships with Israel (a far more nuclear-powerful and equipped state than Iraq) and the latest rendez-vous with China, a communist country and constant violator of the human rights of its own citizens and many more of its neighbours.

In my opinion, the U.S. sanctions are hurting innocent civilians.

Andrea El-Nunu
Music III

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