Volume 91, Issue 46

Wednesday, November 19, 1997



Degeneration "x"

Re: Not buying it, Nov. 12

To the Editor:
Rather than simply firing back at Mr. Steinman and his cohorts in their ongoing and childish efforts to bash Alpha Epsilon Pi, I would much rather offer a final view on this matter and then put the entire ordeal to rest.

It is unfortunate that at the fraternity's annual "Pledge Party for Cancer Research," Mr. Steinman was "accosted" by a few of our younger brothers whom were caught up in the glory of organizing their first fraternity party at Western. The prospect of throwing a financially-successful party obviously outweighed the importance of tact at the moment in question.

For this oversight, Mr. Steinman has my most sincere apologies. Unfortunately, the issue of the miscue at our party has become clouded by efforts to voice obviously negative opinions about the fraternity. By no means am I asserting that Mr. Steinman should keep his opinions to himself, for it is differing ideals that form the backbone of any free society. I am simply disappointed that Mr. Steinman has used The Gazette to air his obviously deep rooted disapproval of fraternities in such a slanderous fashion. In short, the men I call brothers are anything but "rented friends," there was at no time a premeditated effort to "dupe" anyone into paying an extra two dollars to come to our party and frankly, the idea that money raised for charity is in fact used to pay for beer, sickens me.

The greek community at Western works hard to achieve a reputation emulating honour, charity and goodwill. Mistakes along the way are commonplace in London and while the rest of the community labours to move forward and learn, Mr. Steinman and others like him, wallow in a cycle of degeneration.

Josh Epstein
English IV

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