Volume 91, Issue 46

Wednesday, November 19, 1997



Oh, what a wonderful world

Re: Bill 160 and the public education system, Nov. 12

To the Editor:
It has been said "those who speak, don't know and those who know, don't speak." I am somehow compelled to break this tradition because of sadly-misinformed (or uninformed) citizens like Mr. Andrusyshyn. First, the teachers did not commit an "illegal strike" – it was a breach of contract between them and the government. Unless one uses the term 'illegal' loosely, then I am mistaken. Furthermore, he attempts to explain and prove how Bill 160 will improve the quality of Ontario's education system by streamlining and shifting accountability to the Ministry of Education. Since when has management and economics been a tool in building quality education?

Unless he was describing it figuratively, I am very much interested in meeting these teachers who can not "teach Johnny 2+2." I also did not know one has to have a teaching certificate to "teach a cat to shit in a litter box," as he seems to be suggesting.

But I would like to close by thanking him for enlightening myself and perhaps other students. Now we know that students are compelled to take music in order to graduate – all the while I thought requiring this course would help us further appreciate and be more critical when listening to music. Lastly, I am also urging that all maths, sciences, and French be scrapped from the curriculum and be treated as extra-curriculars. This will be very beneficial for me because I almost failed my math courses, I hated science and I can barely remember my French. All I wished for was to take English courses and become a journalist. I am sure my high school would have been able to bring writers, journalists, publishers – giving me insight into the journalism industry and become successful in my field. I can also hire a tutor outside my classroom. Oh, what a wonderful world it would be. Thank you, Mr. Andrusyshyn. Thank you.

Vic Paredes
Arts II

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