Volume 91, Issue 47

Thursday, November 20, 1997

stars and strife



"Song from a Sailor's Book"
Here on the Atlantic waters?
Back in eighteen fourty-four?
Captain shouts out an order
"That whale's worth dying for!"
The flag of piracy flew from our mast
As I feel the winds salty sting
With no provisions but an open sail
Ma'am hunger is a powerful thing.
The treasure on board is red wine
We drank all day and night
Then we'd sit telling whaling stories
'Til the early morning light.
My brother, he works the furnace
Keeps it hotter than hell
'Neath the charcoal ash he spends the day
A job to suit the devil as well.
I left my wife all alone?
Shortly after we were wed
Now I write to her everyday
When she's deep inside my head.
One day I found a Bible
Read it through and through
Then I threw it overboard
To see what God might do.
–Jeremy Schnieder

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