Volume 91, Issue 47

Thursday, November 20, 1997

stars and strife



Speaking out for children

Today is National Children's Day and to mark the occasion, Save The Children Canada have set up a booth in the atrium of the University Community Centre.

National Children's Day is devoted to raising awareness for children's rights. "There are children in other countries who don't have rights, who don't have a voice. They need someone else to speak for them," said STCC volunteer Tania Hernandez.

STCC, which operates internationally in 77 countries, goes into communities in need of help by working to make them self-sufficient. The Canadian chapter works in 10 countries including Africa and India.

Donations will be accepted at the booth which will also be selling mugs and Christmas cards today from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m..

Know where to draw the line

This year's National Drug and Alcohol Awareness Week has special meaning for Western students in light of the death of science student Catherine Newton, hit by a drunk driver this past summer.

The highlight of the week was yesterday's national kick-off for Mothers Against Drunk Driving, organized by the Student Health Services' Alcohol Awareness team.

"The [Alcohol Awareness] team isn't pushing for abstinence," said coordinator for National Drug and Alcohol Awareness Week Louise Neville. "We advise people to know their limit and know the consequences of their actions."

Another focus of the week is the illegal drug Rohypnol, recently brought to public attention as the "rape drug" or "zombie pill." When dissolved in liquid it causes the user to black out with no memory of the event later. "It is traceable in the blood and urine, but testing must be done within 72 hours," Neville said.

MADD has a booth in the atrium of the University Community Centre this week where information on alcohol awareness will be made available. Students can also post a ribbon on the MADD wall to remember those affected by drunk driving or to express their concern on the issue.

–Karen Bong

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