Volume 91, Issue 47

Thursday, November 20, 1997

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In need of shelter

Re: Availability of residence

To the Editor:
The Board of Governors and housing and food services' decision to reduce the number of upper-year students in residence is a careless and ill-advised decision aimed at increasing the number of first-year students admitted to Western. The ramifications of their decision about this matter have not been carefully considered.

A new residence is to be built by September 1999 and will allow more students the opportunity to stay in residence. Will these students be a balance of upper-year and first-year students? Who knows. However, with this new policy in place for the 1998-99 academic session, it is possible that upper-year students will be eliminated from residence altogether.

This practice is unethical and discriminatory towards upper-year students because not everyone can live off-campus and there are students who appreciate the benefits of living in residence. First-year students should receive priority for residence but not at the expense of upper-year students. If that means refusing a first-year student residence for an upper-year student, then I'm all for it.

A healthy balance needs to maintained between upper and first-year students and the line needs to be drawn somewhere. The decision of the Board of Governors and housing and food services is irrational and demonstrates their only priority is the recruitment of more first-year students and the needs of upper-year students doesn't matter.

It is a tragedy when the rights of one group disregarded to meet the needs of another group and who's going to stop the Board of Governors and housing and food services from eliminating uppers from residence altogether? Does Western take pleasure in exercising discriminatory practices?

Jason Hutton
Political Science II

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