Volume 91, Issue 47

Thursday, November 20, 1997

stars and strife


The majority simply rules

Re: Intolerant leadership, Nov.19

To the Editor:
I agree with Jason Hutton's argument that Dianne Haskett's attitude toward the Gay Pride parade and the community it represents is ignorant and dated, but I would like to point something out. The job of mayor is a complex one and Mr. Hutton's background in Poli Sci should help him realize there are many other facets perhaps more important to the community at large than whether or not the mayor is for or against gay rights. In these times of slashed transfer payments, changes to health and education practices, etc., Londoners just might be more interested in a mayor with business sense or provincial bargaining experience.

Perhaps, if I had voted here instead of in my home district, I would have felt the way Mr. Hutton does and realized a candidate who shows such a strong lack of fondness for a whole segment of the London population does not deserve my vote. Good community relations is a very important facet for the job of mayor. But as it stands, we must realise Londoners were voting for the candidate who would best look out for the interests of the majority and not the candidate who likes gay people the most.

I hope Haskett's attitude changes soon, for her benefit more than anyone's, but if it doesn't, welcome to the downside of democracy: bow to the majority, to heck with the minority.

Evan Joanette
Biology II

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